Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry I havent updated since my parents visit. I had a migrane all of Sunday to the point my wonderful hubby drove me to Church where I was prayed for by my friends and felt a bit better with just a lingering headache. Monday I had a small headache they are like residual headaches after a bad migrane. I almost didnt go to Church as I was feeling light sensitive had blurry vision and felt sick to my tummy however I was picking up a teen girl to take that morning and I had some things at the church I needed to do so I went ahead with hubbys help.
Monday we just did homeschool and laundry around here and played outside for a while the weather was warm so the the snow and Ice have been melting more and more each day I am hoping that it all melts off before we get anymore (if we get more) I am kindof hoping we dont but know we need it probably for summer water. Yesterday I reshampoo'd my son's room carpet and part of the living room. Something we have struggled with is previous cat urine in the carpeting. Having a cat ourselves (old male cat no less) we struggle with him finding the old urine that was not his and depositing more what is funny though is he wont go just on the carpet something has to be there for him to go on top of something I can wash, its like he thinks he wont get in trouble if I can wash it not true if he keeps it up out he will go! even with the 12 years we have had him hubby says he will be out if he keeps doing it. So yesterday I shampoo'd them with no shampoo- just water and lots of vinegar...yes vinegar so far it is working well I will post later as to weather it fixed the problem all the way. I pre-treated the spots that smelled the worst with straight vinegar and then used vinegar in the shampoo receptical of my machine, and some vinegar in the water too...lots of vinegar I know. I opened the windows while I shampoo'd and stoked the fire up nice and hot with the ceiling fan going didnt take long for the vinegar to disipate quite well from the house while we went outside and played :) well I am off today is shopping day as it is payday and we are going to look at kittens today( I know another cat) however little princess' kitten died in Sept and she has been so sad ever would think that she would forget and go on after so many months but at some point every week she gets teary and says "i miss ruby momma" and so for her birthday this is her one request...a new kitten so hopefully the new kitten will not deposit lots of new smells in the house LOL... ok gotta run and make my shopping list/menu for the next 2 weeks then get showered dressed and get some schoolwork done and off we go. Have a blessed day!