Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Review

Hi everyone,
A couple weeks ago I signed up to be a book reviewing blogger with Thomas Nelson.(see squares on my blog if you are interested in signing up)

I just finished The Busy People's Fast and Frugal Cookbook

I really enjoyed some of the tips in the beginning of this cookbook. Most of them were pretty basic that anyone who has been living frugally will be familiar with however if you are just finding yourself needing to be frugal due to the economy, job loss or what have you then this section will teach you important tips of the trade. Also new wives and young women could benefit from this when learning how to manage a house grocery bill. The recipe's in it use a lot of fat free ingredients which I do not stock however can be made with the regular version of said ingredient just as easily however you will loose some of the low cal/ low salt/ low cholesterol if you do so. The recipe pages were nice because the include on the side bar a complete grocery list for everything you need to make the recipe broken down into grocery store sections so you can easily make a menu for a week and then go page by page as you make your produce, poultry, dairy and packaged item grocery list. Also it has suggestions for making it a complete meal with a side dish on most recipes.
Overall I recommend this cookbook for busy moms, and busy people everywhere. I think the recipe's in them are simple enough to try (some cookbooks make it so complicated even on fast recipes that we dont even try them) and also they are tasty for the whole family. As well as if you need the low cal, low cholesterol and such this is a great speedy cookbook for those in need of that! Great cookbook:)