Friday, December 18, 2009


I never Win anything but yesterday afternoon while driving around with hubby we were listening to the country channel (I usually listen to KLOVE but when hubby is with us he prefer's country most of the time) anyway he was running into a store and I sat there listening, I heard an anouncment for caller 9 to identify a santa clause saying from a movie...It was Tim Allen in the Santa Clause movie so I tried to call in (it Rang! that is unusual...then it said I was caller 4 please try again...) so I called back it Rang again! Amazing then she said "hello your caller 9"!! Wow REally! I told her the movie and I get to go into a cash box you know the one where the money is flying around you with a fan and you grab as much as you can! I am so excited so tomorrow Morning the kids and I are traveling to a town a little over an hour away to participate and then go visit family that lives in that town since we will be there anyway! I cant believe I actually got through to the radio Twice even and that I was Caller 9! Praise God the extra cash will be more than welcome! I will let you know how it goes! I guess there will be 5 seperate contestants and there will be 3000 to start with in 100's 50's 20's and lower bills too so Pray for big ones for me! Yay! I am so excited can you tell! other than my headache I am ecstatic!

My head is absolutely pounding, for the Second Day in a row. Not sure what the cause is but praying it subsides soon. Today I am going to try and get the house in order a bit. I have not felt all that well for probably the last few weeks so I have had a clean house on some days and not on others when I felt really crummy... I dont want to have a messy house so I am going to fix it!
Tonight is my hubby's Christmas Dinner for work and they are having it at a local pizza parlor with a huge kid playarea and the kids are allowed to come I think that is great I will miss the fancy "free" dinner with hubby all to myself but a "free" family meal is much appreciated~!