Saturday, October 17, 2009

Regrouping and getting back to it this next week

Hi all, I realized when Candy commented I haven't updated since Monday...aaahh
Well I took this week completely off from homeschool except for some science activities/club we had and basic reading with the kids. Another homeschool mom suggested a brief break while we figure out what may work and to just recharge our batteries. It has been good I have done a bunch of reading, talking with other homeschool moms in our area we have a great Christian Homeschool group of ladies here and then just letting the kids be kids this week. I have not officially figured out what will work but I am going to start next week with more reading actual books, we will continue to use the computer software for math as that is working so if thats not broken we wont fix that lol... and then for history my friend has loaned me the Mystery of History book 1. I think this may be good but we will have to see after I go through some of the lessons. what I may end up doing is using the outline of lessons offered in the computer programs as a lesson planning guide and get books out that deal with those topics... I am still a bit confused as you can probably tell but I am trying first and foremost to enjoy my precious angels and take it a day at a time. If it takes me 2-3 weeks to really figure out how this will work what will happen, no one is going to take away my birthday! least not yet....thats a whole other post see post for that LOL well I am off to make a dinner for my wonderful hubby's homecoming from work in about an hour and get laundry all put away:) Take care and have a blessed Sunday tomorrow I will post more after my Monday and see how it goes...Thanks for all the support:)


Anonymous said...

We miss you here in blogland. I hope to read of your homeschooling and daily life soon. :-)

One Christian Mom said...

Another week, you missed another week! We miss you :-) I pray everything is going well for you and that you aren't posting because you found your homeschool 'nitche'. :) Love ya!