Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Once again the messy mommy struggles yet

Ok so today I have sat on my rump. I admit it. I was in much pain after our vacation and traveling home yesterday. I had physical therapy today and it increased my pain. However we have someone coming to the house tomorrow night to look again to see if they want to rent-to-own it. We may have the opportunity for my husband who is currently on Disability due to a knee injury we may have found a new job for him in the eastern oregon hemisphere! We are so blessed to have this be a possibility. I pray for guidance from above to know if that is the right move for our little family it is a very remote area but only 70 miles from where my family will land in 11 months when they retire which is where my grandparents currently live. This would be wonderful. My hubby will be released soon and could then go back to work. Money is so tight and I am watching what I do and buy however this is an area I struggle with and get up each morning and Ask God to guide me in this manner. I did wear dresses over the weekend along with the clothing my hubby bought me. I think this served us both well:) Last night I woke in severe pain and ended up out here on the couch for 3 hours from 1:30am to 4am... so I think that has thrown my good intentions for today out the window. I am starting my homeschooling on Monday so the end of this week I need to put my schedule in my HMB together. I am so excited for this as I was blessed with many supplies between st vincents, goodwill, freecycle(Lane county pay it forward) and from Wal-mart for the school supplies as I was there last night so I stocked up on markers, good crayons, paper folders and erasers oh and glue...I need to come up with art projects that arent horrendously messy for 3 yr old to participate but also keep 9yr old ds interested. If anyone has any ideas for art projects that are not expensive please forward to me:) Well I am going to get off my tushy and go clean the kitchen. One step at a time I will get this all done:) One Christian Mom, I missed communicating with you and Bren over the Last few days. Have you read Jane Kirpatrick Books? My church has a library...I will miss them so when we move...but my point was anyone looking for a good novel that has good Christian values and no muck check out Jane's books as I highly recommend them for a good read. Ok...going to tackle the kitchen. If you dont hear from me by tomorrow I fell in send help LOL......till then