Monday, November 30, 2009

A good few days :)

It has been a wonderful few days around here while I have been mia in blogworld. Thursday was just absolutely wonderful. Even though I didnt ask him too Hubby (who loves to cook) helped me in the Kitchen all morning cutting veggies and getting things ready It waas awesome to share that time with him. Then in the middle of the day my family arrived we enjoyed fun time with them and then a wonderful meal I was really tickled with the way everything turned out and my mom was really impressed with things...(that makes me happy) My dad who loves apple pie as does my hubby and grandpa all enjoyed thier treats so it was a most wonderful day and man did the house smell good. Friday I was so exhausted I stayed in my jammies half the day (ooohhh shame on me LOL) Saturday we went shopping with my mom I dont do black friday shopping in person but I did get some great curriculum from CurrClick on Friday! Yay, some great lapbooks and other unit studies all for free it was great. Saturday night we went to chinese food with my parents..yum and no cooking yay! Then yesterday we had a food festival (we dont call them potlucks lol) at church and we had some wonderful fellowship time after service. Hubby Joined us at church yesterday! YAY!!! and may actually go again this coming weekend! some friends of ours are thinking of attending next weekend and encouraged him to be there plus the kids had already asked daddy to come again next weekend! I love it when God works through others and not me and my wants! Its awesome to watch where things are going in regards to Hubby and the Lord... I am just watching and praising... and feel so happy it is unreal!
anyway right now little Prince is working on Mathletics we went ahead an purchased Mathletics after the American Math challenge and I love that he wakes up and wants to Play MATH! Its awesome and you can assign certain curriculm for them to work through before they compete/play online in the challenges so we are actually using that for math right now he picked things up so quickly like area and perimeter that we had been struggling with in the books! Little princess of course now wants her computer play time too so I have some preschool things for her to do when brother is done.
Today is laundry day and overall cleaning day as I take weekends off usually sometimes I do saturday cleaning while hubby is at work but I tend to try and keep up with things during the week so off I go to clean the kitchen and then My room needs some attention and reorganizing we moved some things in that had been floating around the garage and now I need to reorganize and put some things away finding homes for others. Have a blessed day everyone and "see ya" soon!