Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clean, clean clean..Yay!

Am I excited that my arms are going to fall off (This I am sure of!) NO but am I excited as to why they are going to fall off...YES!
The New House is almost all clean YAY! Today I have to finish scrubbing the kitchen with a brush and soft scrub (yes it is THAT DIRTY!!) and then I will put a polish on it, the laundry room still needs clean and then to finish the kids Bathroom and wipe down the walls. We are going to paint some of them as after hubby got in there more and I cleaned the carpets (they are officially a mauve color not Tan) Which is what he thought they were so having mauve carpet and mustard yellow living room walls is not his cup of tea so he would like to paint! Yay! Thank you God for doing that without me saying another word! I love to see how God Works when I step back and Honor my husband by following what he says amazingly without me pushing or asking I still get the things my heart desires! Yay! I finished the master tub and surround yesterday and started the kitchen floors today I just have to finish the center of the floor I went around with an old toothbrush and scrubbed out the dog and what have ya dirt from the edging of the kitchen walls an boy am I glad I did that~! Well I am off to pack a couple boxes while the kids are still sleeping amazing they are sleeping I shall take advantage of that! Talk to ya soon! Take care God Bless

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