Friday, January 15, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow is the official moving day, am I ready Not 100% but closer my neighboring teenager that call me momma Tiff helped me pack 60 boxes yesterday!~ Praise the Lord for friends! and kids.... I call her my teenager :) Today I will be taking a load over of food and things and unpacking some then bringing those boxes back to repack and finish up the preparations for tomorrow everyone will be here at 9am so will be busy busy. I wont have internet at the new house until the 20th so when I am over here at the old house cleaning I may have time to check in and update ya'll but if not I will return as soon as they turn on the internet line at the new house. We are not going to have tv installed at the new house and I am looking forward to re-instating game nights and movie nights and overall just spending more time talking as a family and less time zoning in front of the ol tube. Well I am off Prayers for saftey of all the movers helping would be appreciated and overall sanity on my part:) Take care God Bless

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