Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Friday

Yeah its Friday that means my parents will be here tomorrow to visit :) I have so much to do not much time today I have a meeting at church (I am on the administration team) do any of you suffer from Yesitis?? I do but its ok I love helping with Church things just seems sometimes everything happens at the same time... lol.. I have been sick all week with another cold seems that I cant get well and stay well but I am feeling better today sort of. I think that when I feel a little better I just jump back into my routine too soon so I never get all the way well maybe..just my theory hubby says I have been sick way to much lately so hopefully I can get all the way better soon:) Then its home to tackle todays to do list which is(things may spill into tomorrow but here is what I need to get done by tomorrow afternoon):
Clean Kitchen
Fold all clothes put away..Its almost all clean but didnt get folded Hate it when I fall behind on that but at least its all clean:)
Make bread
Work on finishing organizing all homeschool Area
Unpacking the few remaining boxes in Living room
Hang Pictures in Living room
Clean both Bathrooms
Put away things in my room and bathroom (things migrate dont they) I am sure of this LOL
Tidy Kids rooms tomorrow morning so they are ready for grandma and papa's visit:)
Plan meal for tomorrow night
Well that is most of the things and now I am off see ya all probably Monday and I will update you all on things more:) Take care! God Bless!


prayzgod said...

Enjoy visitig with your parents tomorrow. :-)

Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend.