Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello Blog World! I am Back!

Hi everyone it has been a crazy week of moving and unpacking! Then add in the fact that I can really only use one arm for the last few days! Why's that you ask?? Well ok...a little secret from me to you... I am the least coordinated person you are gonna meet unless I am on the back of a horse then I am steady and balanced, wierd huh! Anyway Saturday was moving day as you know, well I was carrying our kitty food and cat bed our to a truck, slipped on the ice and landed full force onto my right shoulder on my friends truck fender! Then as if once were not enough (hubby says I must have needed to perfect the art of falling and injuring myself) Monday as I was unpacking (since my shoulder was feeling ok and lets face it I had things to do so I sucked it up and moved on) well Monday as I unpacked I tripped over a box while carrying something went down again and caught myself on the floor by only my right hand! Can you believe it! my shoulder took the full body weight force of both falls so now I have a sling to wear when it really hurts and pain meds to help me get some rest as I could not get comfortable enough to really rest that I so needed! Thankfully I had friends that have come and helped me unpack and I have been able to putter with the kitchen and laundry areas as well as some other light things. My wonderful hubby has been helping with the heavy things as has my Little prince! Yesterday my small group leaders(who are some of my dearest friends as well) came and helped me completely set up and unpack both the kids rooms! I feel so very blessed! I will be thinking up some frugal posts and getting the home tour posted after we unpack the frugal posts will come over the next few months as we are going to pinch every penny and save save save! We have to save up for our property taxes and ins which the taxes are quite high in this county plus there is some regular income that will cease in March that I have to remove from the budget however these will be the testimonial times that I look forward to sharing how God truly does provide! Well I am off my shoulder gets irritated with too much typing just the muscles getting used you dont realize how much your shoulder is involved in everything you do until it hurts to do them lol! God bless and "see Ya" soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I am so looking forward to the tour. I can't wait to "e-visit!" :-)

Our house may be ready by the end of this week. It's close enough alone that we've started moving in - slowly, but we're moving.

I have hubby's office almost set up, and I have the storage room organized. Today we are going to move some of our furniture over, including bed frames. I will also be setting up our bookcase in the living room, and the master bedroom's entertainment center - a bit.

Even though you've gotten to move already, and I haven't yet, I still feel like we're doing this "together," LOL. :-)

One Christian Mom said...

So glad you are moved in, so sorry you got hurt!!! i am testament to the fact that God does provide -as long as you are a good steward (which I know you are) you will always have enough. it may be "just enough", but just enough is enough for me!

Suzanne said...

Moving is so stressful! Just take a deep breath:-)