Friday, January 8, 2010


I didnt realize I hadnt updated my blog sorry everyone things have been rolling fast around here and I have been so exhausted daily:) We signed on the house yesterday and Wed I finished shampooing the carpets then yesterday scrubbed away inside. The house is very dirty so we are cleaning and there will be some painting in the kids rooms done before moving as well as a wall in the kitchen. Wonderful hubby alotted me some extra cash just for paint and said there you go if we can do it for this amount I am ok with it! Yay! I thought we were definitley going to have to wait but he squeezed me some Yippee! (for those wondering no he doesnt do the monthly budget and bill paying we do that together or go over figures after I work on it but on extra things I go to him and ask if we can do something then I have been letting him have the final word and man has it been a blessing to me and to us)
I used to push for MY way or this or that but I am working hard to submit to his will and the amazing thing is when you truly do this the freedom that it really brings! I am not saying that I let him walk on me Ladies for the critics out there but It is really a God thing and it is amazing when my old ways creep in the way things will noticably change in the way things are done around here but when I follow God's plan for the wife how much happier we all are! Anyway that is a blog to plan out and write up another day as I feel very strong about that but cant put it all into words right now:) anyway, he left the money on the counter this morning and said to me as he kissed me goodbye "i left some money on the counter for you" and I could tell he loved being able to say that to me versus when I controlled everything now I just trust that we are ok and it will all be ok. I loved hearing it as i really didnt want to move everything out of the rooms later to paint or paint around things and the kids rooms well one of them is very different from my color palette the other is doable but the one leaves me wondering:) Anyway I am off for the day ladies I have to find the best deal I can on paint and continue scrubbing on the house today we started moving outdoor things yesterday and will move some more this Sunday I am taking little things but until the cleaning is done havent wanted to take much yet then Next weekend the 15th and 16th is the official move it all weekend, all the house, the dogs, the horse and everything and start officially Living there! Yay! Praise God he has come through so strong in this situation. Thank you all for your prayers during the uncertainty. Take care and have a blessed day!


prayzgod said...

Yay! Next weekend is when I'm hoping we move, too, but we have to wait to see how the weather in, and if everything's ready.

tberry29 said...

So happy to hear the good news..We just recently moved out here on our 3.5 acres of land 6 months ago..we came from less than 1 acre and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I thank God everyday.We have approx. 50 chickens and a pig..The kids just love our mini farm.Cant wait to hear about it when ya'll get settled in. Again, So happy for ya'!

One Christian Mom said...

CONGRATS! How wonderful is that?! I am happy with you, and hoping your arms don't really fall off!!! :)