Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Back, Kinda...

Well I am going to try and start posting again I feel that I have some heart issues worked through and will continue on my journey with God leading the way:) today I have one whopper of a headache, a dirty house to clean after having some friends children over for a couple days...actually the house really isnt dirty I just need to put away laundry, vacuum and clean the kitchen up that actually isnt so bad LOL... it just feels messy to me so anyway. We are currently mid reflooring project in our master bathroom after I looked down and saw mold creeping in we found a couple water leaks including all around the base of our toilet! Ah! so now we are down to one toilet in the house and are you ready..the other toilet is on my front deck LOL.. potty anyone! Oiy... oh well i say to myself it will all come together in due time. We were blessed to find lightly used carpeting and padding at the recycled building supply place close and that was enough to do both the childrens rooms as you may remember the previous owners it appears did not potty their pets outside all the the kids rooms will be getting a flooring overhaul probably next weekend and tomorrow we will hopefuly get the potty back where it belongs as I seem to walk into my bathroom at night and then remember I have to go to the other side of the house LOL.. minor incovienance but oh well. I have to get some bread done today and other lunch snacks made up and I think todday will have meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.
My garden will get some attention today I am going to attempt some shoveling and turning in there we will see if it is defrosted yet. I have lettuce going on my garden rack inside, cucumbers are sprouting as of yesterday, cilantro, basil (this sprouted today) green onions which also are peaking this morning and tomatoes which have yet to peak out but this year will be my learning curve with a bigger garden area and this climate, sometimes we freeze mid summer so I am looking at inexpensive covering for the night time. Last year hubby built a small greenhouse but then I cooked my tomatoes... hoping to have some harvest later this year as I learn. Well my head is killing me so I am off to make some food and get ready to go outside later after a quick clean up in here. Sorry to ramble but so many things to update more to follow:) God bless you all have a wonderful weekend. I plan to update every couple days hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Glad to catch up on you. Have a super weekend.

littypod said...

Lots to do, but I know you can do it. Just remember to breathe!