Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple Saturday

Well We did get a kitten on Wed! she is absolutely adorable she is actually more of a cat than kitten as she is 9months old but little princess just loves her and they have had so much fun playing together:) Little Princess' birthday was yesterday so we had a few friends over and it was nice to chat while the kids played then we had a cake I made and it was yummy but my tummy was so upset I couldnt indulge too much but did have a taste:) I am excited with my weight loss as the time I am really down! Partly due to the upset tummy I have experienced lately and I dont know if I did something to my back or if my kidney is giving my trouble(I only have one) so I am eating carefully and pushing the fluids to help my system heal and try and avoid going to the doctor. But if it doesnt get better I will go if I need to. Today we have just taken it easy I painted a few of the doors and trim that needed a new coat of paint now I just have 3 more doors to do:) Yay! I am also contemplating my new schedule that I am slowly developing here at the new house and going to make a few changes and put it in print in my Home Management Binder :) Then it is just discipline to use it daily and stick with it:) Well I am off to make some dinner and get ready for hubby to get home:) He will be off Sunday and Monday it will be so nice to have daddy home for 2 days in a row generally he has split days off so its a nice treat:) Tomorrow we are going to enjoy a nice home date making a nice dinner for all of us with Steak and Shrimp...its a real treat we have steak every now and then but with the shrimp is special occasions. I will probably make up a salad and then I may make a cheesecake for dessert but I am not sure yet as the Cream cheese seems to upset my stomach so maybe I will make some other dessert...we shall see but I may not blog again until Tuesday when Hubby is home I dont get on Computer very much. Take care all and "see" ya soon!

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Brandy said...

Awww ... I LOVE kitties! We're gonna get one sometime soon too!

You're doing good on your weightloss! Good job!!

Sorry I haven't been by in awhile :-(