Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabulous friday

Hi all! Hope you are well... Today we are just going to keep things plugging along here. My wonderful husband revamped a room in the shop to make my crafting room! Yay so now all my fabric and craft drawers that were taking up ALOT of space in our bedroom can be moved out to the shop as well as this means when I get time to work on a project I can for a few min and not have to drag stuff out and put it all back out of the way! Yay I may actually get the gift scrapbooks worked on for xmas presents this year! woohoo! also going to work on another dress for myself and little princess soon. This coming week I will be kidless :( as they are going to grandma and papa's for a week. while I will miss them I have a few projects that I am going to tackle while I dont have to get distracted during. Going to finish painting the main living room ( I painted when we moved in Jan however the paint was not brown enough it turned out rather grey) I had purchased 5 gallons at home depot of what normally cost $100 but it was mixed wrong color or something not sure it was off white which was great and it only cost $15!!! so i did that and bought a quart of chocolate brown thinking that would make it the right milk chocolate color...well it turned purpley gray lol! so I have bought an inexpensive gallon of dark coppery brown and it came out a beautiful tan! I will post pictures when I am finished luckily we had only done one coat whne we moved so we still had most of the bucket left! Also going to finish my homeschool planning and post on our choices for the year :) Going to get the homeschool supply area all organized and gone through since I wont have kiddos saying "mom can I play with that" as I go through things makes it hard to organize when things keep getting moved around by others doesnt it lol... ok off I go today is just keep on top of things and get ready to drop kids off. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the local Museum with one of our cousins that will be fun! ok have a blessed day all!

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prayzgod said...

Can't wait to see the pics of your living room. Sounds like it's going to be very pretty. :-)