Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My latest sewing Creations

So last year I cut out this dress for little princess but life got hectic and lets face I just kept putting it off I do that occasionally but am trying to get better lol. This skirt for me was also cut out a year and a half ago LOL.. but this was the time to finish it so I just jumped in and did it! The skirt was actually all white material and I decided I did not want a bright white skirt :-) so I died it with Rit dye and it turned out very nice! I will be posting my planting video maybe tomorrow I worked all day today on seperating my plants into new containers and giving them more room to grow. See ya later! God Bless

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Anonymous said...

Great job. Doesn't it always feel rewarding when you accomplish something? That has been waiting for you. Looks pretty.

Mrs. Swinson said...

Both the dress and the skirt are lovely! Very nice job. I also just love your trays with the botanical photos in them on the wall. I have a similar thing in my living room. It is a black wrought iron type picture frame that I put botanical photos in with the same green hue. : ) Today I just took inventory of what things I need to get started for our garden. I have the peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and brussel sprouts started. I just love Spring!

prayzgod said...

Awesome! Beautiful dress and skirt. Can't wait for the planting video. :-)

One Christian Mom said...

The dress and skirt are beautiful. So are the people wearing them ;)
God Bless!

Traci Michele said...

Beautiful! Good job. How's your weight loss coming along?

Here's my latest blog post on mine: