Saturday, August 7, 2010

crafty things

Yesterday we did some cool crafts to give the grandmas and grandpas (my parents live with my maternal grandparents) when the kids go to stay. We made pencil holders out of green been cans covered in fabric with Decoupouge? glue then we added magazine cut out pictures to each one that were things that grandparent likes or things they do covered it all with more decoupouge glue and let them dry. Also the kids made some foam crafts with the foam stickers for each one. It was a fun day! Today is finishing getting the kids ready and then we are heading to the museum for the day. They have history reenactments from homesteading to an old sawmil as well as some other neat displays. Should be a great day then my kids are off for the week! I will miss them. I will be away from the computer till Tuesday as hubby and I will be busy busy. Take care all and have a blessed weekend!

PS...Tuesday I will post some pictures of things :)


prayzgod said...

Now that sounds like a fun day. :-)

I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing "Homeschool Week" on my blog this week. Swing on by to take a look, and participate if you are able.

"Talk" to you later. :-)

live4god said...

Candy if you happen to get follow up comments what happened my friend I cant get to your blog or your facebook page email me private if you like and let me know what happened Praying you are ok and all is well with your family.