Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motivation/energy where have you gone??

Oiy today I have just felt zapped of all energy, I did some things this morning but aside from that have not accomplished much all day. Sad to admit but I have those days do you? I am now going to get up and go clean up the kitchen and make dinner. Have no idea what to make. I have to say when I was planning out our meals and sticking to my schedule my days seemed much better. I shall get back on track. Praise God I have gotten back to craving my daily time wiht the Lord now I just need to get my schedule back in order and make it work for us. I have so much I want to accomplish but when I start I tend to feel overwhelmed and just dont get much done at all this has happened alot since moving into the new house. I must get better about that. Ok off to tackle the kitchen and then dinner tomorrow is a new day I think I will map out what I CAN get done tomorrow and just try to bring about order...I did manage to get all the backed up laundry that was clean folded and put away yesterday and today have been working on washing that needs to be done. That reminds me I need to switch loads. God bless you all and have a great night! See ya soon!

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