Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday...

Well the weekend was wonderful with hubby having both days off we enjoyed it immensely... Today is errand day for me and that means I will be out and about in the heat of the day blah.... oh well when we get home and get groceries put away maybe we will kick on the ac in the house and do some cleaning or we may head to the water for a playtime we shall see. I dont generally use the AC unless it really heats up in here usually if I open the house in the early am like at 5am then close it by 8am then it stays nice however last night we didnt cool much soo we may need it later it is nice to have for the occasional day that it is super hot. anyway enough rambling need to go get in the shower and get ready for the day. Going to clean the kitchen while the kiddos are still sleeping then get some homeschool books ordered and get ready to leave. I am actually looking forward to getting homeschool going again soon but the kids have different thoughts lol.... they are enjoying our break thouroughly. I am considering taking them camping soon on my own except for hubby coming in the evening I havent decided yet... thinking relaxing for a short time by a river close enough to home to feed the animals sounds nice. Anyway off I go take care all have a great day.

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