Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living With confidence in a Chaotic World~ Book Review

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I have had this book for some time now and finally am going to share it even though not a 100% finished but there was a part in it today that God is prompting me to share he wouldnt let me read any further till I stopped and shared,ever had that happen to you?? It doesnt happen often for me but I had that overwhelming feeling to share this with you so here goes.

Pg 109." To encourage is to "pour courage" into someone who needs it. Christians are blessing dispensers and hope ambassadors. Wherever they go, accomplishment and fruitfulness should bloom all around them because of the relationships left in their wake." taken from Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr David Jeremiah

This book has been such a blessing to me I hope some of you can read it either from your library or to have one of your own so you can highlight and go back to it when you are troubled. The other day as I was reading there were things in it that reminded me to do all I do as to the Lord and For the Lord..what was I doing that day, Folding Laundry! I was feeling frustrated because of the mutlitude of laundry that was not turned right side out(never happens right moms lol) anyway this book reminded me to serve as I would serve the Lord, with that new attitude I began folding as if these were Jesus' clothes...would I grumble if they were his and turned wrong side out?? Certainly not LOL! So today as I read the above quoted section I was really inspired...we are to encourage those we come in contact with daily...who are you going to be in contact with today?? Just your kids you say, well thats perfect they need encouragement as much as anyone let us find something or someway to be of special encouragement to those around us today. This book is perfect for today's atmosphere of fear and trepidation with all the uncertainties of daily living in our culture and world. It has reminded me to take a deep breath when the fears of the world try to creep in. Mind you it is not a cure all for that but it reminds me of God's promises and Love for us and to pick up my bible more and immerse myself in his words. If you have a chance to read this I hope you will take that chance I think you will really enjoy it as it is modern and references some things that have happened most recently that Made it hard to put down. Great book.

Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this book by Book Sneeze to review. No other considerations were provided.

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