Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend update on a little of everything

So excited tonight we go see the band Elliott play as well as listen to motivational speaker Nick Vujicic from "Life without Limbs" Should be a wonderful night. Today has been extremely difficult for me emotionally. I dont know why for sure thinking it is a hormonal swing... uuggg we women have to deal with things that guys have no idea about dont we LOL... anyway Have a blessed weekend everyone. I will be working at posting our homeschool schedule next week. Things have been tough lately my health has not been good but I am praying that things look up soon. We ended up not doing much official book school the last 2 weeks as I was really ill. But luckily for Christmas my son got a bunch of learning games for the computer that have all subjects included. So he has worked on those and the mathletics website and little princess has worked on as well as her kindergarten games. Looking very much forward to getting back on routine around here with a healthy mommy. Please keep my health in prayer if you would as I could really use it. I am now on blood pressure medication along with my fibro meds and I dont like being on so many. I am working at getting healthy weight wise and hope/pray that my weight reduction will help the blood pressure so I can get off that med. Take care all.

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One Christian Mom said...

Praying for your health - for sure! I hope you had a good time at the concert :)
God Bless!