Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonderful Wood Stove:)

Well yesterday wonderful hubby took us to the ranch and home store and bought the family a new wood stove! Yay! the previous owners of the home decided I guess that they would take that item with them! LOL... anyway now we have an alternate heat source which I am really greatful for. We have cold hard winters around here and if the power went out we would get a bit cold so now I dont have to worry. It was something we had set aside some money for when we bought the house so now we just have to cut wood which is such good exercise and there are several really dead trees on the property that need to be thinned:) God is great! Well today is a busy day we will be off painting at our church today a mural on one of the Children's room walls and then the shoer is coming to trim my horse's feet then we will get homeschool finished and prep dinner while unpacking some more. My parents have said they will be in town next weekend so I want to try and get all organized by then or at least mostly. For the most part we are pretty close but ther living room and my room need finished. The kids rooms and kitchen are done bathrooms are done but with my shoulder pain I havent gotten as much done as I planned this week with keeping up with the normal run of the day housekeeping:) Well I gotta run ya'll stay warm in the areas getting lots of snow and have fun with it while it lasts for you. here it doesnt really melt till May or so sometimes we get a brief melt of before more comes just depends on the weather systems the Good Lord has for us:) Take care!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. What a great exciting time. I can't wait for some pictures of your new haven. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, hows about a tour of your new castle?! :-)

Stop the torture! :-P

live4god said...

LOL...I will get the photos up as soon as I am unpacked... its going slower than planned with the strained shoulder but am almost there:) hang in there a little longer Candy :-) Cant wait for you to be all moved into yours too as I am sure you are excited too:)

tberry29 said...

So happy for you and yours and excited to see your tour of your home. I have been meaning to do one of mine..although its not new but thought I would join in on the home tours..: )