Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Update

I lost 5 Lbs!!! Yay I am so excited. I actually took the weekend off from exercise as I was so sore from last week but I watched what I ate over the weekend a little or should I say just wasnt able to eat much since I didnt feel very good. Today I have a lot to do around here to get back into our routine. We are all working out right now on the Wii I already finished and the kids are doing it as I type to get some exercise for them. I love that they are bycicling without being outside in the freezing temps and ice..loads of fun! Anyway then it is Barbershop morning for little prince his hair is a bit overgrown lol... showers and cleanup house, homeschooling then trying to come up with a low cal dinner for tonight:) I was feeling really down due to the uncertainty of the house situation right now and Last night was our monthly evening worship service at church we call this our Elevate service. After some prayer time with one of my friends then just sitting in the presence of the Lord really helped me last night and I am feeling much better today. Well I gotta run...take care see ya later


prayzgod said...

5 pounds?! Whoa girl, way to go! That is awesome.

I'm still praying for you, for the house situation. Remember what Romans 8 tells us - it will work out for the good. ;-)

live4god said...

I think I was really bloated last week due to some womanly things so after working out all last week then taking a break but still not gorging myself I try to just eat to the first full feeling not over full:) anyway it came right off the last 5 days. Now that I am back to where I was before Christmas cooking the real work begins:-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful on the weight loss. Blessings.