Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Well its been a rough few weeks around here since our best friend(doggy) past away but we are getting back to normal. I went threw a bit of depression recently however I figured out I had accidentally been forgetting my medication for the fibro which has an effect on my emotions as it is also an anti-depressant. Now that we are back on track with that it is better however I am having a very difficult time with the holiday season this year. I don't really know why I just am. Normally this is my favorite time of year and we have plenty of snow for a white christmas(more than enough actually!) We currently have almost 2 feet I think. we received another 6 inches so far overnight up to now and it is still coming down hard giving us currently about 2 feet. I will have to go measure for sure soon :) The kids enjoy knowing exactly how much we have lol. I think I may put some lights on our porch today so that may help my spirits. Also today I am going to put up some curtain holders (the light duty white ones) they were inexpensive and a way to put up some curtains without thumb tacks that we have been using currently lol. I would love pretty wood curtain rods however those can be fairly spendy even if you do thrifty and use closet rods we will upgrade to those slowly later for now I am going to spray paint these metal ones with a copper hammered look spray paint and call it good :) actually for today I am going to just put them up to hold in the heat I will worry about painting them later:) Then the rest of the day will be spent working on laundry and the kitchen. Both have been neglected due to illness of myself and both the kids this whole week. I am finally feeling a little better still coughing but better. The kids are finally feeling better too Praise God. Well I better get with it. I am also going to be working on the home management binder soon and getting things back in order spiritually and in the home. Things are going to be scaled back that are done out of the home and focusing in on Christ and our Relationship with Him who can carry us when we are struggling if we will but turn to Him for help. Blessings to all of you at this time of year and praying you have a wonderful CHRISTmas...
In Him,

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