Monday, May 9, 2011

Had mostly a wonderful Weekend How bout you?

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend enjoying hubbys companionship and had a hike with some great friends! It was so nice...then we got home and little princess spiked a high fever yesterday and so here we are heading into another week with a sick someone in the house. My poor baby she has a very sore throat and has run over 102 for 24 hours this morning we have it down to 100.5 so thats a blessing.  Will be monitoring her today and see where this goes hopefully away! Little prince will be attending swim lessons with our dear friends thankfully she can give him a ride today.  I am blessed with really wonderful dear friends.  I cannot thank God enough for all of my friends. IRL or Webland :)    Anyway, Just wanted to post a little note to update you all on how things were going around here.  I have been a bit behind on my routines since, well, lets see....months lol...  It seems to go along with the Fibromyalgia I have developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome officially. I told my doctor..."I refuse to have that!" she laughed at me she is a very wonderful faithful woman so she giggled at my comment.  I am very tired however most days to the point my body feels heavy and cant seem to function but I am working on a whole foods way of eating and supplementing with raw vitamins which seems to already be helping. I recently found a book at goodwill (love that place) that was written by Jordin Rubin called The Maker's Diet (see my side bar for a link if interested) and I am going to work on following it closely. He recovered from Chron's disease after nearly dying. It says diet in the title but I am calling it my new healthy eating instead of diet. My goal isnt to lose weight (although it will be a welcome addition to the plan LOL) but instead to get healthy, truly healthy and to feel better.  Thats all.  So I will keep you posted. So far I am feeling a bit better its only been a few days. I am not being as strict as I could be since I tend to not keep up with something if I start out full force all at once instead I am slowly making changes and shopping differently as I go and as we replace things in the house I am working towards chemical free, all organics.  People that struggle with health as I have can really benefit from the change to whole foods, and chemical reductions in their homes. I havent in all honesty ever paid that much attention to these things thinking it almost a bit on the crazy side for many years but now am realizing how much stuff has really be chemically or fake produced I used to think if we could buy it in the store it was real stuff...not so much anymore. Anyway we shall see how this works and how I feel I will blog updates from time to time. Well little princess is calling me so off I go hope and pray you all have a wonderful day and you are well...God Bless

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Haven_mom4 said...

We have the Makers Diet too. Not following it by any means, but definately doing a lot of whole foods. Good luck