Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bronchitis battle

Well everyone sorry I have been away, I am hoping very soon to implement my new schedule. I just finished reading Managers of their Homes by Teri Maxwell I love it and cant wait. Currently I am praying about how our schedule should go, chores that the kids need to handle and so on.  I have been battleing illness now for close to a month or more it seems. I had a routine checkin with my Doctor and she said my lungs were wheezing and I have Bronchitis..oh joy thats why I havent gotten well yet. So hopefully now I will get well and my kiddos too they have both had it Little princess is fighting an ear infection and Little Prince has the same crud I have only its not full blown Bronchitis his lungs are clear Praise God. Hubby was so sick he ended up home sleeping for 2 days which is so rare I can count the times it has happened on one hand!  Anyway thats a brief update on the happenings around here I am working on an If/Then Consequence chart for diligence with our chores and other character behaviours I am noticing popping up lately...  If you use one leave me a message and let me know if you purchased or made your own?  Where did you locate the scriptures you use to reinforce the behavior you prefer and so on.  Hubby and I discussed this and throught the weekend will be putting it together and take effect with it as soon as we lay it out and discuss the expectations with the kids.  Blessings to all of you Take care

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