Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I really was hoping this week I would feel so much better...however I didnt think it was possible to feel this tired...LUckily I know the cause... the fever night on Sunday with little princess and then last night we developed an ear infection that left her crying for hours in the middle of the night so no sleep for the weary again for me lol. Our Wonderful Nurse Practitioner was able to see her first thing this morning and we now have antibiotics to take and hopefully we will have no sore throat by thursday so she can participate in soccer and swim lessons (with earplugs) she is not thrilled about that part but its either that or no swimming so she is begrudgingly submitting lol. Anyway I think a nap is in store for both of us this afternoon while my wonderful friend takes little prince to swim lessons and we stay home to heal and sleep. I am so blessed with such great friends! Well I am off all love and hugs,

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