Sunday, July 20, 2008

This week of Feminine dress!

This is my darling daughters beautiful dress:) Isnt it pretty

Today was church and I wanted to share what myself and my daughter wore today I felt so light and happy today the Spirit filled me to overflowing at church today and I had a wonderful time. I am so Blessed to have such a loving church family. We are approaching a move and I am so saddened that I will have to find a new church finding a home for your spirit is sometimes hard but the Lord led me to this one and I know he will lead me to the right one wherever we land. Until tomorrow everyone, DD and I are off to pick up a shaved Ice machine, some skeins of yarn, and some bread pans for FREE from our local freecycle website. it is such a blessing to have people sharing their unwanted items for free I am lucky to have found this site last year as I have recieved many blessings from it Like My Kombucha Scoby's yesterday! my first batch is started as of last night and I cant wait to start drinking this amazing tea!

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One Christian Mom said...

Wow, we really are similar! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Your living room looks like mine did this morning. I have been working REALLY hard on mine - how 'bout you? Maybe we could help keep each other accountable. Each day post your plans for the day, then the next day, what you accomplished, and the new plans for the day. This is what I hope to do (as long as my computer holds out). By the way, I LOVE your kitchen, it looks so pretty. :-)