Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clutz Award for the day goes to MEEEEE!!!!! OUCH

So I am such a clutz that just trying to feed my dogs produced this beauty on the outside of my thigh. I turned and ran smack into the u shape thing that holds the kennel gate shut you know the thing that goes up and down to lock the gate or open it, yah that thing! it stabbed me and this beauty of a prize is swollen and hurts like the dickens! Lets pray for quick healing and for it to be all gone soon:) I can't believe this looks like this after only a couple hours usually I bruise really easily but this is insane! Well lets hope tomorrow I am a bit more consious of my whereabouts and dont add any more prizes to my trophy collection LOL. good night all

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Bren said...

I got a bruise like that recently too, only on my arm. I ran into the wall while carrying a pizza box...the box left a huge long narrow bruise on my biceps. No hiding that during the summer!!

Just stopping by to encourage you. I saw your comments on Shellie's blog. Keep going with your goals in homeschool, homemaking, and being the helpmeet that God created you to be!