Friday, June 19, 2009

My to do list

Well I may not have accomplished everything on my to do list yesterday it may not seem like I did anything on it actually, I forgo to put on there that I needed to put together the posters which came in regular sheets of paper and needed assembly for our VBS at my church this coming week. I am very blessed to be teaching the Tactical outreach lessons next week! Teaching the children how to give their testimony and about the gospel and praying and such. Please pray for me to have the words of our Lord for the children and to be a good example to the children. I wish to Honor God above all others and hope that I may do so in this way. Pray for the salvation of each child that has not known God or who is far from God that may be in attendance next week.
That being said...I got all 5 posters done which took about 4 hours with stopping to care for my own kiddos and I did accomplish getting the homeschool corner organized which took a good deal of the morning, it had gotten piled up with everyone stacking things on there to be dealt with later and I kept putting it off...however it was shorter this time than the last as I have been trying to put most things where they go when I put them away now to work on this task with wonderful hubby and kiddos:) Today I am again watching my friends son so it will be a busy one around here with an added 4 yr old! Darling Daughter loves having friends to play with and my son is such a blessing (most times he is great with the little ones sometimes he runs low on patience) He is so helpful, Thank you God for my wonderful kids! So Today will be filled with kids playing and cleaning going on at the same time and also tonight is our Church's monthly community service project cleaning up the park next to our library and then we are being treated to an outdoor concert provided the weather holds looks like rain....

One more prayer dear friend has had to have a thyroid biopsy please pray the results will be benign and all will be well. Thank you for praying with me. Have a blessed day and honor God in all you do!

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