Friday, March 6, 2009

So much has happened

Well at last post I was working on getting off all the medications I am proud and blessed to say I am off all Prescription Medication! It took a long time and was a rough spot in life to say the least but now I am feeling better and working to get back to normal. I still have some pain but with the Lord and some tylenol it is manageable. I was re-baptized on February 15 2009. Why re-baptized....well a lot has happened in my life and my eyes were opened to the fact that my heart may not have been where it should have been when I was baptized in highschool when I was 15. I think my faith has grown so much and the Lord spoke to me when they were offering it spur of the moment 2 weeks ago at church. I am commited to setting a better example for my children and living a better life for the Lord and my family. I still have many struggles ahead however With God this will all work out.
We have all been sick this week even now I am struggling with a head cold an no energy but so much to do. We all but my son had the stomach flu this week. Hubby started Sunday, I started Tuesday and my daughter had it starting wednesday. Its been a rough few days but I think once we all feel better things will look up. My wonderful hubby helped me stay caught up around here the last few days as he never vomitted and I couldnt get off the couch and didnt know which end to point so to speak.... so I stayed down for 2 days which all moms know what that can do to a house if no one is taking care of it and the worst thing is to get feeling better only to be surrounded by your new project up the mess!
But thanks to his help I just have to clean up from yesterday and continue on with things. Well I better get ready for the day the little ones will be up soon and have to start the day. Take care all

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One Christian Mom said...

Wow! It's great to finally hear from you. I am glad to hear that you are off the meds! I am also glad to hear that you are growing in the Lord. Every day, no matter how long ago we accepted Him, we should be growing, and you are! Congrats on your re-baptism :-)
How are things with the house?