Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sleep??? Whats that???

Well after another sleepless, for the most part, night I find myself sitting here bags under my eyes and almost falling asleep studying my bible. I saw my doctor yesterday and have a new medication that should help with the nerve pain shooting down my leg to my ankle until the healing of God is complete. I know my suffering is not in vane as I think that he is using it to help me grow my faith:) I am immersed in a study of spiritual discernment and on the 2nd coming Rapture. I am studying all I can right now. I have a deep passion fire ignited for this for some reason so I am following it. I had a good conversation about faith with my mother yesterday and understand a bit better some of her reactions to my faith lately. Its not that she doesnt believe she is struggling with other issues herself right now and I need to be stronger in my own struggle and attempt to offer her support instead of always needing her to be my rock for support time to give some back.

On the moving subject, the U-haul comes monday for us to load and go. However the tenents for this house backed out so we will be continuing to try and sell it after we move. Bummer on that part but I have faith that this is not in vain we will be shown the way. Well I am off to make some coffee and take a shower. Oh a cool thing is I found some like new skirts at goodwill! I have enough to almost make a whole week or 2 now without jeans! I still wear them when I need to or am out of clean coordinating outfits but I am accumulating more slowly. I love having a swishy skirt around my legs. Plus I found in the 100 degree weather the other day I was cooler. I like feeling pretty and it gives me more energy yesterday I hung out in housepant/pjs as I struggled with severe pain yesterday and I had no energy when I have on my dresses I feel like getting up and getting going! Anyway off I go have a great day, God Bless each of you!

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One Christian Mom said...

I haven't posted in a while either - trying to get ready for homeschool. I hope and pray all is going well for you right now during your transition!
Shellie :-)