Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting ready to move...

So yesterday and today we looked at houses and I think we found one that will work quite nicely. It is a huge home almost 3000 square feet but it only has 2 bedrooms. However the master bedroom is huge so I plan to actually get an office room divider for cubicles and seperating the room for the kids to have some privacy and then hubby and I will take the other bedroom. It is on 40 acres and I can have my horse. It will only be temporary but we will stay in the same area we are moving to and when we can buy a house again. So anyway the next few weeks will consist of packing and unpacking and getting schooling going in the new house. It will be fun even though tiring. I will try to post pics of the new house soon and I plan to have some really nice meals coming out of the most beautiful it is way cool. Anyway take care everyone I will post more soon.

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One Christian Mom said...

AWESOME! I am so glad to hear you have a place to go :-)