Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today we have much on the agenda, we have to get the house clean as someone wants to look at it tonight and It is close but not good enough for a viewing, plus we have to get packed for vacation and get the camper ready:) The time away is going to be nice but the preperation is always hectic isnt it! Ok I am off to do bible study before anyone stirs in the house. I am getting excited for darling son to come home I miss him. And I cant wait to start our homeschooling year. I have been doing much research and am really excited for the year I think we will both enjoy homeschooling. My family is not really on board with this so it is difficult. My hubby is allowing it but doesnt quite agree with it he feels that it will lead ds to be too sheltered. I think it is what God is calling me to do but the beauty of my darling hubby is that he is willing to let me try. I can feel God softening his heart to Him as last night we were at some friends house, I felt a little defeated at first as Hubby really wanted me to wear some Capri pants he just bought me and I wanted to wear a dress, I guess I havent found the right dresses for his eyes yet as he is still giving me a bit of grief over switching to all dresses. I have to confess Ladies I caved and wore the capri's for him and I felt guilty as I have been so strong the last 5 days and have worn them in all I do except phyisical therapy time for my back...Dress gets caught in things so I wear excersise clothes. So in my struggle though on the way there and home I had KLUV playing on the radio, the christian channel and he always flips it to a different one right away but he didnt and just before that he was in the living room and actually turned on the 700 channel! He did flip it to a different tv channel right before the prayer for salvation but I feel like he is making small strides forward and I am Blessed! Even though I felt guilty for letting my values take back seat to the his request to not wear a dress I still felt encouraged overall with the progress I see in him. Our home has been much calmer this week without ds here and I pray for strength as we march into next week that the calmness I feel right now will stay with me and I can be the kind loving mother who gently raises my tomatoes LOL without yelling or feeling on a razors edge if you know what I mean. I found info online through Candy's page where I can read Raising godly tomatoes I am so excited. I am going to read when I can to stay on track. Well I am off for the day wish me luck ladies and God Bless you all:)


One Christian Mom said...

Wow! Were we separated at birth? Everything you said rings true in my house also! My hubby likes the skirts for church, but says they are impractical for raising kids. Also, he won't listen to Christian music. He has agreed to let me try homeschooling, but has reservations. We are in this together! Good luck today, I hope you get it all done :-) And if I don't "see" you, have a fun vacation!

Bren said...

I think you should feel good about making your husband happy. If he wanted you to wear hot pants or a mini skirt and a belly exposing shirt, then I would say you needed to stand your ground and work out a compromise. He bought you those capris and what an awesome way to honor your husband (and honor God at the same time) than by wearing those heart-giving capris with a pure and gentle spirit. I think you should ooooh and ahhh over them and make him feel like he gave you a gift of gold! Don't get tripped up by legalism....even Candy would have put those capri's on and made her man feel like he had gifted her with the moon! You did the RIGHT thing.

Anonymous said...


I found your Blog thru Candy's. From your post I'm assuming your dh is not a Believer. Just want to say don't feel guilty because you were SUBMISSIVE to your dh. That is what God wants. Go ahead and keep dressing modestly in your nice dresses and maybe someday your dh will come to appreciate it and like those more. But if/when he requests the capri's, put those on cheerfully, knowing you're pleasing your dh. Remember, it's by your actions that will win him over, without a word. (my paraphrase, sorry, don't know the reference to the verse, but you've probably read it before).

I like your Blog, very real, down to Earth.

Bren said...

I felt led to give you a scripture reference and your last commentor had already done that...It comes from 1 Peter 3...the whole chapter is great. I just did a post on being married to an unsaved husband. It is not easy, but is still the same calling as any wife has. To be his helpmeet. To submit to his authority (unless asked to sin), and to honor him in all you do. You did just that!!! OK, I will get off my soap box now...I just want to give you a (((hug))) of encouragement that you need not feel guilty for doing what was right in God's eyes.

live4god said...

Thank you all 3 of you who encouraged me today. I feel much better now about that. Thank you so much.