Monday, July 21, 2008

I did it (well for the most part) YEAH!

Ok hubby should be home soon and its not perfect but it is so much beter! Here are the before and after shots I am going to hop in the shower dd is very cranky.....oiy vay....ok ladies good night see you tomorrow:)


One Christian Mom said...

Excellent job! We both did it! Yeay. I knew we could :-)
Hope your tomorrow goes well!

Bren said...

WOW!! You gotta feel good about that! I am sure it was so wonderful for your honey to walk through the door to an orderly, clean home. Be blessed!!!!

live4god said...

Thank you to both of you for the encouragement. I still have darling daughters room to tackle and some tidying to do in my room but other than that it is almost there then we can paint the living room so its all the tan color. Yeah no more multicolors LOL I am blessed by this blog to have found both of you Have a great Day
God Bless:)