Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today is the beginning of a new Chapter!

Today, the house is a complete disaster. I have not done well at all at getting it clean even without hubby home.We have painting to finish as you can see and I planned to have it all clean by today and play tomorrow, well I will just keep plugging The reason I post these messy photos is I want to watch the transformation through photos as I get it all organized and clean and start following my schedule I have made in My home management binder. Today I start my first brew of Kombucha in hopes of this tea helping my Back hip pain and my migranes that I experience I learned about this tea from another blogger I have learned many things from there. This year I will be homeschooling for the first time as well as I am going to get organized I have obtained her book "the Home Management Binder a Housewifes Best Friend" I am still reading it but have started my HMB and cant wait to get the house clean and organized. Life has fallen in around us recently but my faith in the Lord just keeps growning and the Blessings he has been putting in front of me Amaze me everyday. My Great Grandma, one of my Hero's in life, Passed away on April 25th exactly 54 years to the day from when her beloved husband left this world for Heaven. He passed on April 26th 54 years ago however this is Leap year so it would have been april 26th any other year! This was the 2nd miraculous thing that happened that week the first thing that happened was I opened 2 seperate bibles the night before she passed as I was trying to pick one I wanted to stick with-in the end I went with a completely seperate version the NKJV Family Traditions I love it. But back to the event- that night I flipped both open and they both opened to the same page and chapter- Psalm 23-" the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil for you art with me". I thought at the time that night that this was for encouragement for what we are going through with my hubby and his no longer having his job due to an injury however at 6:30 am the next morning the phone rang and we were in a panic dash to get to gram before she left this world. She was my Great Grandma in so many ways of the word. she came from Sweden in 1916 through Ellis Island and everything then took a train or stage coach i am not sure which from NY to Montana! Her story is truly amazing and she was the most kindhearted women in the world. I miss her so much everyday. But I hold on to psalm 23 when I feel down I know the Lord presented that to me so I could stay strong for my kids and get through it. So this week we still dont know if hubby will have a job however I have an overwhelming feeling that it will be ok and I normally would be freaking out. Also I really wanted to try Kombucha but had never heard of any Scoby's or anything here in my area when the next morning a nice lady posted on our freecycle site that she had 2 giant ones in need of someone wanting to brew tea! A prayer answered! And also I had been praying steadily for someone to buy my horsetrailer and behold It sold this week! Also my hubby and I had just talked about him doing odd jobs if needed when he gets released from the doctor and we have someone that needs something done as soon as he can be released! What a blessing I cannot tell you how much I just know the Lord is going to provide for us so I can stay home and raise our 2 beautiful children! Well enough computer time for today I am going to post the pictures of my house in its wrecked status and post the pics one by one as I transform it into a clean castle:) Till tomorrow or later

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