Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Ultimate Prescription~ A book Review

Well everyone its that time again...I finally have some book reviews to catch up on so bear with me please as I post them all in the next few days...

The Ultimate Prescription By Dr James L Marcum MD
This is my most recent review book its newer on the market and I enjoy most of what the Dr has to say and gleaned much from it about rest, oxygen intake etc. However I do not fully agree with his views on food consumption.  Dr Marcum indicates we should for biblical reasons eat a plant only diet.  The bible does mention this in the very beginning but continues on later in Genesis to give us other instructions on eating and further in the New Testement as well to include meat in diet.  Dr Marcum only goes as far as Genesis 1 in his instructions for us and there is much much more in the bible.  That said his other instructions are very helpful.  In the section that he discusses our society's lack of oxygen due to our lack of physical exercise, staying indoors and so on I do agree.  When we are stressed if we sit and take in clean oxygen outside in slow deep breathing patterns I find that stress does in fact melt away...does it return if I let it sure...but then go back outside and repeat.  So this book is a middle of the road for me, I like much of it while take some of it with a grain of salt.  I struggle with several health issues and am open to reading anything that may help me feel better and having a biblical perspective is also a plus. 

I have been provided a free copy of this book for my unbiased review by Tyndale Publishers.

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