Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's a New Day

Today I start anew! I am starting my routine this morning as next week we start homeschool:) I have a few min before I go shower and thought I would post.
Today's Plan:
  1. Shower/Dress/Hair Makeup
  2. Start laundry- My wonderful hubby is already doing this so I will fold what he brought in and then switch over when dings!
  3. unload dishwasher
  4. breakfast with kids
  5. cleanup from breakfast
  6. tackle my room-it has become a drop zone- get it cleaned and organized
  7. make dd's bed with clean sheets and cleanup her room
  8. plan homeschool week assignments see if I need anything for the week-go obtain
  9. I have physical therapy today at 11am so that will interupt the flow a bit but will get homeschool planning done before I leave so I can make a trip to get anything I need
That will probably be more than my back can handle today but I shall try my best to accomplish my goals.:) Till then

1 comment:

Bren said...

What a great plan!!! You know that old saying...."You can plan to fail when you fail to plan".